Cost Benefit Analysis

Implementing Quotient
for Refinitiv Data

Anyone who deals with large amounts of data that requires sensitive analysis will have had this discussion:

Should we build our own solution or buy one?

Man Hours

The build vs buy choice is not unique to the Fintec space but that’s where we operate and that’s what we care about!

We have invested over 25,000 man hours to integrate Refinitiv data in a way that makes your life much, much easier. Why not take our solution for a spin and see the benefits of that 25,000 man hours?

The Hard Numbers

And just to make sure we calculated the cost of just doing the integration of Refinitiv data yourself.

(without all the Buzz Quotient offers beyond the data integration):

We mapped out the development and implementation cost and were staggered by the results…

  • Total Cost: $240,000
  • Total Time: 12 Months

Put us to the test