Meet Pete

It is very important that you do “Meet Pete”.


Because he is one of you,
a Quant.

Born in Texas
Educated at MIT
Joined Draper Labs
Wrote early machine learning code to help fly the NASA shuttle

Oh Yeah, Pete is a rocket scientist!

Joined Fidelity as a Quant
Took his CFA
Promoted 3 times to SVP of Quant Research

He has lived and breathed the Quant life

Started a Hedge Fund with $1.5bn AUM

It was during this time his Quotient idea began forming

Founded & funded Scientific Financial.
Wrote the code for Quotient

and we are back in the present day!

Peter Millington

Pete is passionate about the Quant approach to analyzing data and built Quotient with that in mind.

Transparency, flexibility and creativity are needed for every Quant to be successful and his solution has been in R&D for over 3 years to reach that point.

He made a conscious decision to only take his product to market once it satisfied these requirements and it is this dedication, that we hope you agree, is why it was worth it to meet Pete.

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